Why? Why am I doing this? Have you ever asked that question? That is the question I asked myself when I was thinking about blogging. Why would I do this - do I have time – is it important? Well here is how I answered those questions. My pastor (Jerry Gillis, www.thechapel.com) has challenged us as a staff to remember that the first person to lead is ourselves. It will be out of the overflow of our hearts (good or bad) that we will impact those in our circle of influence.

So the  first person I have responsibility to lead is ME. Which unfortunately is always the hardest. The next is in my relationship to and with Gloria my incredible wife of almost 15 years. Once again in this area I still have a ways to go but she is extremely patient and kind. Then it is toward my 3 children, Carlee, Caleb and Canon. I have a responsibility to help raise them up to be what God has purposed for them and not what my plan would be. It is not until number 4 that I get to the responsibility of being a pastor. What I hope that this blog will do for me and you is to be a help and a guide post for those areas that must be the bottom line priorities for me (and all of us).

I will be talking about issues that address all four of these areas 1.Self Leadership 2. Marriage 3. Parenting 4. Elmwood (how to impact our community). Along the way we might get to a few other important issues – "good eats" as they say down south, Sabres/Bills, good music, good books and on it goes…


Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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