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Been a while since I posted anything…

We officially made it through our first month on our ‘own.’ That means for those who don’t know… not a part of The Chapel’s official organization but still deeply connected relationally and strategically.

Thank you for faithful giving of your time, talent and treasures!

We have been blown away at all that God is doing in so many lives, families…

Here are a few stories that came into us just from this past week…

‘On Sunday, at my table, were two younger men… who’d come to RC from Teen Challenge. I welcomed them and asked them if it was their first time at RC. They said they were seeking Christ, after years of addiction, and that they’d tried several Churches but came back to RC, for the 2nd time, on Sun. I’d seen them moved to tears several times during Worship! After service I talked with them a while longer and they said that they’d wanted to get there so badly that they’d come on the bus with only enough fare to get there, and trusted that God would make a way home for them! They also said that their intention was to call Renovation home! Let’s pray these kids keep coming back!’

‘There was a woman at our table… and it was her first time at Renovation….she grew up in a catholic home and mentioned that she had wanted to be baptized before when she visited another church…but she was too afraid! 

Well after the video she was quite emotional and so I wanted to talk with her a bit more….she said her life is so messed up right now….she has tried to commit suicide many times by overdosing!! Her mom passed away years ago and she feels like she has no one and nothing to live for anymore! 
Well long story short….I asked her if she wanted to rededicate her life to Christ and she said she feels like she’s done so many bad things that she knows she needs too, and so I prayed with her….and afterwards she mentioned she wanted to be baptized so she went and filled out the card!!! YaY! 

She also called me today…and is feeling much better that she has connected back into church and will be there again on Sunday!! Isn’t that great!!!’

‘As I was walking around yesterday greeting people at their tables, I heard some pretty amazing things people were saying about Friday Night.  They had a really great time, the dessert was delicious, they enjoyed being greeted on the red carpet, and most of all, how much they loved Renovation, the people and all of you guys.  Many of them reported to me that they have never gone to a church where the leadership team was so appreciative. They feel a lot of love there and how they appreciate our heart for people no matter who they are or where they came from.  Oh Yea!!! O Yea!!!!!’

‘Sunday as I was swaying back and forth up in the balcony with my new born son, I peered over downstairs at the congregation and noticed a familiar face in the crowd. I haven’t seen this face since my high school days….so let’s say 14 years or so, but through the grapevine… because I have a lot of acquaintances and friends who live on the West Side of Buffalo, I had heard updates here and there regarding him because he is really WELL known.

His fame isn’t the best kind of fame…. nor his name known for GOOD things in these parts.

I will keep his name private in case you ever meet him, but the last I knew, he WAS one of the well know drug dealers on the West Side streets. He is a likeable guy, just mixed up with the WRONG folks for many years. Not to mention his popularity with the ladies…

I knew him in passing in high school and on the outside he had a very “hard” appearance, but he knew I was a believer in Christ and on the inside he would always express to me that his sister went to church and that the “God” thing wasn’t for him and his lifestyle, but to pray for him.

Well, I praised God for His goodness on Sunday when I saw him sitting there with a few folks who brought him. I didn’t make my presence known to him, but I thought I would let you know that we always have to remember that God is bringing ALL sorts of walks of life and we never know the lives that we have an opportunity to touch ever week.

Visitors like him may visit only once and the Holy Spirit through us, our message, greeting and worship can reach a heart like his and turn it around. God is drawing people like this and as Brek said on Sunday….it’s the Holy Spirit that draws us.

Let’s pray that him and others like him would find a home at Renovation and experience true, Godly and healthy relationships with true men and women who seek God’s face and present the genuine message of Christ.

My prayer is that the Holy Ghost snagged his heart and he’s drawn to HIS love and presence.

We have such great opportunities in front of us…. be encouraged that collectively we are making a difference and to know that the Lord entrusts us with such lives by drawing them to Renovation by any means necessary… is nothing short of wonderful.’

Pretty awesome what God is doing!

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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