Sunday Night Rewind

It’s Sunday night and we are having another rain storm… “they” say this has been the 3rd wettest June since they started recording it over 100 yrs ago and we still have a few days left so we might set a record yet!

We had a great day at Renovation today…

we got a chance to celebrate with some of our graduates…

One of the real issues of serving in an under-resourced community that we do is the stark reality that very few people have gotten to experience the joy of graduating. Less than 30% of the adult population that surrounds us has a high school diploma. Less than 50% of last years potential graduating class of Buffalo schools graduated. So we want to encourage, applaud, inspire people to do what maybe has never been done in their family… graduate!

So we celebrated anybody who graduated at anything this year… kindergarten, middle school, high school, community college, beautician school, college, masters program, recovery programs… it was great to see our graduates stand and get applauded!

We also had the pleasure of having Benji and Jenna Cowart with us for each of our morning gatherings. They basically shared parts of their story of how God has brought them along on their life journey together and how they have grown in their marriage through some dark days to where they are today serving at Crosspoint and the Western NY region.

I love hearing them sing and lead worship together and I know everybody was super blessed by what they heard today from them!

We started signing up for our 2nd annual Summer Jam today…

Summer Jam 2010 is going to be incredible!

We have some 150 HS/College students again from Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Willmington NC where my brother Jonathan is the Student Pastor.

Last year we saw over 650 people of all ages register to experience Summer Jam!

I would love to see us break through and have over 1000 experience it this year!

I will be giving more updates about what we will be doing and how many of you can get involved with making SJ the best experience in NW Buffalo this summer!

Me and the kids are happy to have their mother back from her fun-filled annual weekend get-away with some of her HS girlfriends. I must say it is easier once they get older… but much more expensive!


Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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