Sunday Night Rewind

We started a party in heaven today… got to see a handful of people come into a personal relationship with their heavenly Father at both the 9.19 and 11 gathering!

We finished up this version of our Finishing Strong mini series by discovering for many people the incredible story of Manasseh. I love unpacking stories from scripture that are not mainstream… in the margins. The story of forgiveness, grace and mercy in Manasseh’s life is extraordinary and is worth investigating. 

Yes we had a great day at Renovation…

It takes a ton of committed volunteers to pull of our weekend Gatherings… so thankful for each person who does even a “small” part. There is an old Gospel song that I grew up hearing… little is MUCH when God is in it… and that is really the truth.

Some get to Renovation around 7.30 to help get the coffee going… the lights turned on… the bagels cut… the signage up on the sidewalks… the band starts rehearsing while Renovation Station gets ready to rumble… actors and singers show up to go through the PowerZone presentation… small group leaders get there rooms ready… it is always an exciting time every week as I walk around looking in on all that so many are doing in order that somebody will show up for the first time… some little boy or girl, some dad or mom… some college student… you name it they come and we must be ready. We may never get another chance to show the love of Jesus Christ with them again… so to all of you – THANK YOU!

For those who have been thinking about getting inVOLVED… stop thinking and join the “band” there is nothing like serving in a circle of friends and seeing how your investment together has so much impact… you will be a blessing and in return be blessed!

Speaking of a blessing… it was awesome to see three of our single mom’s yesterday put on a luncheon for 35 other single mom’s and their kids. Corinne, Kelley and JoAnn put together an incredible environment and experience for these moms at the renovation house. Several mom’s found out about it as Corinne was putting the sign up on Hertel and she talked with a mom and she went and brought a couple of mom’s with her! We had some 25 kids that Joshua and some of our Renovation Students helped to watch and love on… 

Getting ready to launch a few new environments this week…

Men’s Fraternity… Wed morning @ 6.00 – 7.30AM in the renovation house

Divorce Care… Wed nite @ 6.00 -8.00 PM in the renovation house

Women’s Bible Study @ 6.00 – 8.00  on the 3rd floor of renovation center

Please be in prayer as God uses these next step environments to help men and women draw closer to Him and to help them find His plan and purpose for their lives!

That’s it for now.. movie time… my Sunday night ritual!


Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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