Good Friday certainly gets a lot of attention during the Easter Celebration and of course Sunday does also but Saturday seems to always be just filler between the two. Have you ever thought what it might have been like to be one of the disciples on Saturday. There was no feeling that the day before was a "good"Friday just the opposite, horrible Friday, the worst Friday in history.

Friday had been the day that all hope had been lost, along with their dear friend, leader, King, Savior – Jesus Christ and to top it off it had been one of the inner-circle that had betrayed Jesus.

On that awful Friday they had witnessed from a distance the most horrible, brutal, inhumane acts ever witnessed and done to man. I am sure if you would have been hanging with the disciples on Saturday – despair would have been thick in the air. Despair for what had happened to Jesus, despair that they ran, fled, did nothing.

You see on that Saturday some 2000 years ago it could possibly have been the worst day EVER – really. Jesus was dead.

They had no idea Sunday was coming.

Neither would we have known. Nothing like it had ever happened in the story of humanity. Someone raising themselves from the grave?! Nope, nada, not going to happen… can't happen, right?

Maybe you have felt like you have lived through a "Saturday" like that one, of course you wouldn't compare it because your bad day did not have God -in- Flesh – DEAD.

Maybe you did lose someone you dearly loved, or that husband, wife, son, daughter, friend walked out, left you behind. Maybe it was you that left and you have regretted it ever since but to much damage was/has been done…

If Peter was having a cup of coffee with you he might would say the same thing, he could feel your pain – really but then Peter experienced Sunday, it caught him completely off guard, did not see it coming.

That is the incredible thing about God, He paints on a canvas that stretches from eternity past to eternity future and every stroke is planned, thought through, intentional to bring Him great glory but also for our great benefit.

Saturday really had to be the longest day – ever.

I am so glad we have the benefit of knowing that Sunday came and everything changed forever.

If Saturday was the worst day  - Sunday had to be the BEST day – wow what a difference a day can make, oh yea and what a difference God can make!

Cant' wait to celebrate that GREAT day tomorrow!Surprised

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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