Pancakes On Us!

Woke up to the most beautiful morning you could hope for in the middle of July! 

Caleb and I headed to church to get ready for a fun day at the RC… pancakes on us was the theme this morning.

We set up a couple of tents on the front yard and a crew of people cooked pancakes and sausages for anybody and everybody that wanted them!

I just get blown away to see Renovation team members jump in and get done what needs to get done!

That was again the case today.

Today was week 5 of Simply Irresistible and the core value we talked about today was Authentic Community.

We were meant to live life in relationships and community not alone.

We talked today about how when we first start our spiritual journey and we find ourselves coming to a gathering of Christ followers… called Church… that we hear things for the first time or maybe again for the first time and because our hearts and minds are in a place that is more sensitive to the Holy Spirit we grow. 

We take steps… toward Christ which is great.

But if all we do is come and sit in rows we will hit a lid, we will find ourselves feeling like there is more or that there should be more… which would be correct.

You see we will never reach the potential in our relationship with Jesus Christ or with others if all we do is stay in rows but when we move from rows to circles that is when we will see more significant transformation in our lives.

Circles of relationships, friends… purposeful, significant, strategic relationships… life on life.

If you missed today I gotta say it was one of the most enjoyable gatherings we have ever had!

Instead of talking about community we experienced it.

We moved the rows out and put up tables.

I loved the buzz of conversations all around… new relationships started with people who we have seen… but never really talked with… not today. It was great to see people engaged in conversations, laughter when normally everybody is quiet with all eyes focused on the stage listening… or attempting to listen!

We also had all of our groups that we have established out front for people to get better exposed to an hopefully today will foster some new groups for the fall!

We have some new groups coming for the fall… Divorce Care, Game Plan (for men), Starting Point (for seekers, returners, and new to Christ)

I think we are at a launching point for us to experience some break-though opportunities in our community based on authentic relationships and being obedient to follow hard after God.

To top the day off we got to see 4 people baptized which is just awesome! I know there a lot more folks in the Renovation Family that need to cross of this line of obedience… so have courage… take the plunge!


Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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