Looking Around

It was great getting to “look around” this past Sunday!

I had Joshua Dean our Family Pastor @ Renovation speak on one of our 5 Orange Startegies… Fight for the Heart!

He did an awesome job communicating this very important strategy for our lives. It was a great reminder to us parents/caregivers that is hard to fight for our kids heart if we aren’t starting with fighting for our own heart.

We got to see 5 families dedicate themselves as they brought their young babies before our community of faith and commit themselves to train up their childern and to see them grow in stature and in faith before God and others.

It was a beautiful sight to see and experience…

I also got a chance to zip down to Village Church which is a new church plant being birthed in the Elmwood Village. Gloria and I got to go down and worship with the Village crew and it was awesome! We have been able to partner (along with many oter churches) with them to help them launch successfully. They are one of our Love Revolution partners. We have a vested interest in seeing Village Church not just to get launched but to actually gain momentum and to begin to thrive in a community that desperately needs Jesus. 

It was great seeing some of the folks that had been at Renovation…helping us and being a part of our leadership now being a part of the core launch team and helping the Village Church grow and mature! 

My pray for Renovation since day one has been that we would be a launching pad for people to grow up and out for God. We have been blessed to see many people who came to Renovation for a season and while they were here had a real impact on us but as God has raised up new church plants in our region we have been able to send folks with those pastors to help them launch new churches. 

What is pretty awesome to look back and see is the contribution that not only Renovation has made but how the contribution and generosity of The Chapel has now been passed on to 2nd, 3rd generation church plants and beyond…

The Chapel bought and resourced us as The Chapel at Elmwood with a trailor full of equipment… we used it hard for 20 months until we moved into our new and present location at Renovation Church. We took some of that same equipment and sent it along with some finances and people to help launch Restoration Church and then did the same with NorthGate Church and then some of it went to The Well and the same can be said about the Village Church…

I can’t wait to see where it will go next!

The intial investment that The Chapel made in us has now been invested in 4 other church plants where collectively some 1200 – 1400… more people are hearing and seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a weekly base! 

That is awesome to see!

I truly believe that the Gospel Tide is rising in our region and we must be active in bringing men, women and children to Christ while their is still time!

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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