Gotta Love It!

What a week we have had around Western NY… you gotta love it since we are coming out of the the coolest/rainiest summers in 25 years!

We had a camp fire on the patio last night while we enjoyed some campfire snacks… hobo pies, banana boat’s, smores… good times!

We have been busy around Renovation this week. We had our calender meeting this week that kicks us out to next summer… while we are trying to get ready for a number things coming up, here is few things about to happen…

Finishing up the renovation down in the basement for our students… gong to have a warehouse vibe to it.

Finishing up some of renovations in the auditorium that we didn’t get to last fall…

Renovating two rooms on the 3rd floor of the renovation center… one is a place for our women’s Bible study on Wednesday…

Starting an environment for 5th and 6th graders called Club 56… this will happen on Wednesday nights… this is the other room on the 3rd floor we need to get working on this week!

We are trying to extend Renovation Station to the 11.00 Gathering for kids birth thru 3 yrs old.

Continuing to develop relationships  with other churches and ministries within NW Buffalo and surrounding areas of the city…

We will be launching a renovation center… which is a year long (meeting together once a month) relationship built with other churches to help realign, rethink, recapture the Mission that God has for the Church at Buffalo as we try to reach every man woman and child with the full representation of the Gospel…

We are partnering with Peace of the City more than ever to reach, love and help the kids and families of our neighborhood… Open House is next week…Wed & Thursday (3.00 – 5.00) we need some help canvasing our neighborhood telling folks just what Peace has to offer so call the office or just show up we will put you to work!

Joshua is getting the Renovation Student Ministry up and running… he had a great time with our leaders this past Wed nite… we have some great workers/mentors/encouragers that’s what you are when you work with kids and teens… I know God is going to use this team to reach many students for Christ over the next school year!

I could go on but will stop for now…

God is doing some amazing things in and through GroupLife so I encourage you to get involved in community and in serving… we grow in circles not in rows so find a circle of friends to get to know and a circle of friends to serve with… it will revolutionize your life!

In the middle of all that is going on I feel a certain sense of urgency to make sure we “stay upon Jehovah” we have to stay close and clean to our Savior Jesus Christ… please be praying… talking with… lifting up… meditating upon… the One!

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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