Awesome Feedback From Week 1 Groups!

I thought i would post some comments from some of our 40 Day Small Group facilitators… hate to keep these to myself…

…we met someone new who was very interesting and bright. We got to help someone we know well take another step towards Christ through his word. Helping to lead a little was good, a little scary and new. We were very impressed and proud of the turnout and what God’s doing…. Discussion was very open and more personal than We expected. We’d never seen or heard of Pronounce It method and the like but found it to be very insightful!

…It went awesome! We have a great group. I think we did pretty well for our first time facilitating. I loved every minute of it. Thanks again for the opportunity!

..It went great!  We had a nice fire in the fireplace going, snacks & beverages to set the “mood” if you will and then we settled in to watch the DVD.  It was encouraging to see & understand how easy/simple it is to break down a verse, word-by-word and then get the full meaning of the verse & how it impacts each one of us individually in our daily walk.  This week we are doing the “homework” verses & discussing/beginning the Micah assignment.

… 10 people came, I was just missing two. I will call them during the week.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy Rick’s teaching. The class was very interactive, the conversation to follow went well. I’m praying for our Micah 6:8 Champion, someone needs to volunteer. I can see the Lord is doing something way beyond ourselves! What if…..the city of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs, were to Love the Word, Learn the Word, and Live the Word? Wow!! Looking forward to what lies ahead.

…The group was great! We really had wonderful conversation. I was surprised at how open, hungry for learning and humble each one of them were. We have decided to write down prayer requests for our group too keeping track of them and recording as God answers them. The scriptures we read stirred conversation and immediately we saw opportunity to walk out the Word we were reading.  Looking forward to next week to see what this week in the Word has shown us!

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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