40 Days Celebration

We had a great celebration as we celebrated what God has done in so many lives over the last 40 days! 

When I look back I am sure 40 Days will be a real spiritual mile-marker for us as a church. 

I believe that when you get 75% of your adult/student population involved in small groups, reading scripture, praying, memorizing scripture great things are sure to happen! And happen they have…

It has been so cool to hear how the Word is coming alive in the hearts of so many… “for the first time I’m really getting something out of my devotional time” has been a repeated statement over the last 40 days… prayer request answered, 

I had one lady share that she was 52 years old and had never really tithed but her and her husband decided to jump in and try it for 40 Days and low and behold she couldn’t believe they had not trusted God in this way before!

We got to baptize yesterday and heard some great stories of God’s rdemption…

We have had our most consistant and largest offerings over the past 6 weeks! 

Seeing missional behaviors come alive in the lives of those at Renovation is an awesome thing to see! Blown away that God has allowed me and our team to be a part of it all. We are all learning, growing and responding to the wisdom of Scritpure and the power of the Holy Spirit!

As we turn the page we are getting ready for Easter weekend!

Our prayer is that we would see over a thousand men, women and children gather together to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. We will be handing out tickets (free) for each of our 3 gatherings as an invite card and also letting us know how many to expect at each!

More people will come to church on Easter than on any other day and potentially more people will come to Christ in a personal way on Easter. We want to prepare for that day by praying for it and for those we need to invite and praying that God will move in the hearts of many of our friends and family to come and be with us on that special day. 

Brek Cockrell

Author: Brek Cockrell

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